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In the early days of digital effects, much of the liquid-metal robot, the T-1000, was accomplished with practical effects.  As one of the Stan Winston Studio art directors of the show, I helped establish the look of the "bullet wounds" that would appear on the T-1000 as well as designing and building some of the "gags." This included one effect that was dropped from the theatrical release that showed the T-1000's feet assimilating the metal grate floor as well as a perspective effect where Sara Connor (Linda Hamilton) "shoots herself." However, my biggest challenge was supervising and creating the figures of Sara Connor and children in a playground that had to be destroyed by a nuclear holocaust.  The figures of the children were accomplished by chemically compromising cast rigid foam that was hollowed out and scored.  Sara Connor's demise was more involved.  I was asked to recreate the latter effect for actor Geoffrey Rush's death in HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL.

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