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Long before a bunch of smarty-farties sent a robot to the surface of Mars, the red planet was populated by these polka-dotted, mushroom cap antennaed folks.  Glork and his ilk flew around the solar system in chrome flying saucers visiting Earth prior to the digital age.  This collector's, high-end latex mask was produced by Hollywood Creature Effects Master, Shannon Shea who brings colorful life and mirth to this retro design.  While intended for display purposes, the mask has an opening in the back with a Velcro closure as well as eye/nose holes.  WARNING: sight and respiration is severely limited while wearing this mask!

Glork: The Martian from 1965 Latex Mask

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The mask from base to antennae is 16 inces and the circumference at its widest point is 28 inches.  It comes with a simple PVC/Wood base and custom hand made fabric covering.

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