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What happened to the elusive Alligator poacher from singer Jerry Reed's titular song "Amos Moses"? Effects master, Shannon Shea, answers with this Alligator-man mutation! Whether vengeance or Swamp Magic, Amos is cursed to roam the Louisiana bayous neither man nor alligator. Rumor has it that he's still mean as a snake.  

This high quality latex mask was sculpted, molded, cast, and painted by Shannon.  The teeth are urethane plastic that have been individually placed in the mask by hand.  To preserve the look of the final piece, no air/eye holes have been cut into it, which makes this a display piece rather than a traditional mask to be worn to parties/events.

A simple PVC/ 2 x 4 stand is included along with a custom sewn fabric bag for protection.

Amos Moses Latex Mask

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