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In Fall of 2016, I was hired by Spectral Motion, Inc. to supervise the construction of two practical suits for "The Robot" character featured in the show.  Although the design had been chosen by production, realizing it as a full CGI character, as intended, was not cost effective and so a practical route was implemented.

My responsibilities on the show ran from keeping the production on budget in the shop, hiring/dismissing artists, creative troubleshooting of the suit with the crew, communicating with the director, Frank Marshall, the executive producers, and the Canadian producers and effects team that would eventually inherit the product. I also supervised the Spectral Motion crew as we traveled to Canada to reveal the final product (worn by actor, Brian Steele) to production prior to training the Canadian crew in the execution and maintenance of the suit.

After the suit began working on set, I continued my relationship with the production, producing additional pieces (the suit had over 700 individually produced pieces!), additional "effects" items and put together an extensive repair/upgrading to the suit for the 2nd season thus making the expensive replacement of the entire suits unnecessary.

I am proud of what we accomplished in less than 3 months of building.  Not only did the suit feature internal LED lighting effects, but boasted a practical video face visor that could play back motion graphics via bluetooth from a laptop.

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